5 Celebrities Who Ruled Our Hearts in the 2000s

2000s were wild times. Some made it big, some bowed out of the race. But there were some celebrities who truly ruled our hearts. So let's take a look at them

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5 Celebrities Who Ruled Our Hearts in the 2000s

The 2000s were just the last decade, right? And yet it feels like ages have passed. Nevertheless, the turn of the century was a wild time. Everyone was talking about the whole Jennifer and Brangelina thing, Kanye West & Alicia Keys were chilling together and Johnny Depp was the world’s biggest superstar. But things change and so does the fortune. So let’s take a look back at the good times when these celebrities were ruling our hearts.

1. Charlie’s Angels

Charlie’s Angels have always been pop culture darlings. So when they took a leap from TV to the big screen in 2000, everyone was pumped. The trio of Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Liu ramped up the heat on screen and in parties and galas. Diaz and Barrymore were besties in real life and both the movies skyrocketed their stardom.

Whenever Charlie’s Angels came together, be it TV or movies, it ruled our hearts (except the last one).

2. Brendan Fraser

When he was not killing mummies in Egypt, he was journeying to the center of the Earth. That was Brandon Fraser in the 2000s. He was also in the oscar-winning Crash! But by the time the decade came to a close, Fraser was totally out of the picture. Many people speculated the usual drug and rehab theory, but it was indeed the sexual assault that cast a shadow on his career. On the brighter side, it seems he’s finally regaining his mojo in recent years.

3. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is a classic case study of everything a budding celebrity should not do. From a bright-eyed child celebrity to a teen sensation in the early 2000s, Lohan was at the peak of her career until the trainwreck. Her drug addiction, eating disorder, and general spirling down the rabbit hole was too deep to recover from. She did try to salvage some reputations in recent times, but we still like to remember her as the bonafide 2000s star.

4. Paris Hilton

Think of the 2000s and you think of Paris Hilton, there’s no other way to go about it. She did everything in that decade. She ruled the fashion charts, she was on everyone’s playlist and her lifestyle was the stuff of the dreams. But slowly things took a turn. From inappropriate comments, lack of acting talents to Kim’s uprising, the “it” girl had to make way for the next-gen.

5. Tobey Maguire

Our friendly neighborhood guy was one of the biggest celebrities of the 2000s. The Spider-Man trilogy captured the imagination of the entire 2000s and Tobey was riding high on fame. But the less than the stellar result of Spider-Man 3 and his falling out with colleagues took him out of the race. He did a few nice little gigs after that, including The Boss Baby, but his biggest breakthrough is right around the corner. Sony’s obsession with expanding the Spider-Man universe in recent times could well bring back Maguire to the limelight.

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